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Pellon® Lutradur® is a cross between fabric and paper.

It is the perfect medium for many crafting, sewing, quilting, scrap-booking, and three-dimensional wall art projects. Lutradur® absorbs both paint and ink and can be heat set up to 200 grad celsius.

It has amazing body, retains its shape, and is incredibly strong while remaining delicate & lightweight. It will never fray or unravel. It can be melted, singed, or cut into with a heat tool to create extraordinary antique effects. It can also be used for a base for embellishments and embroidery. Lutradur® is really a ‘must-have’ for all your artistic endeavors!


Bilde av Lutradur - 100 gr, metervare
Bilde av Lutradur - 25 gr, metervare
Bilde av Lutradur - 70 gr, metervare
Bilde av Lutradur - Ultra light - 25gr  - pakke med 180*50cm
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